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  • excavator long armExcavator long reach boom arm/stick We professionally make excavator long reach booms and other attachment and have professional design team and rich experiences in manufacturing excavator attachment, Reasonable design and high technology processing equipment is our main advantage, 10m to 32m long reach attachment for different excavator class, customized long reach excavator booms are accepted depends on application
  • high reach demolition boomHigh reach demolition attachment Mount on excavator to demolish high rise building, that is safe and high productivity in demolition field. we design demolition booms with modular joint for easier transportation and quick assemble and disassemble demolition attachment,
  • excavator extension armExcavator extension stick When you have a digging job, you find out your excavator falls only 2-5m short, and you don’t want to buy a super long reach boom arm , we offer extension arm/stick will help you in this situation, and it is quick and easy mounted on your original boom arm to extend working range.
  • excavator long reach boom videoExcavator Long reach boom video that is 26m excavator long reach arm for Kobelco 350 excavator, applied to dig foundation,0.4M3 bucket, 2ton counterweight, it Maximumly reach 19.5m underground.
  • excavator rock boom armExcavator Rock Boom Arm/Stick High productivity attachment for rock or frozen soil breaking/ripping, shortened boom arm have strong digging force on teeth of ripper, widely used in mining, road construction, etc project
  • material handler boomMaterial Handler Boom Material handling equipment fitting excavators from 15 ton to 120 ton. two arm cylinder/ram is optional, hydraulic pipelines equiped. and we can supply hydraulic clamshell bucket or scrap grapple upon your request,
  • long reach excavator pile driving boom armpile driving long boom arm used to hammer and extract long steel pile from 8-16m, dual arm cylinder install under arm to exert Max. power, offer with extra hammer pipelines, we can also provide short arm connect with hammer
  • excavator bucket wear partWear parts for bucket we provide good quality of excavator bucket wear part: tooth & adapter, pin, bucket linkage, side cutter, edge cutter, lip shroud, side shroud, heel shroud for reinforcement. bushing, cylinder etc
   Our company established in 1998.,and our brand well known in china and all over the world, we mainly manufacturing excavator attachment :

Long reach excavator boom arm(stick), High reach demolition Boom, material handler boom, pile driven boom arm, and various of excavator bucket such as tilt bucket, thumb bucket, and kinds of grapple, rock grapple, log grapple,

We have professional processing equipments such as digital cutting machine, bevelling machine, reeling machine, and sand-blasting room. well selected material for different working enviroment. skilled technical worker use CO2 gas shield welding to weld product. we have good reputation from customer side.