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  • excavator long armExcavator long reach booms attachment Highly extend excavator working range, it is widely used in river dredging and foundation digging and material handling field, we can make long boom arm length from 10m to 32m for excavator from 10 ton to 100 ton and our product well fit on most excavator mades and model, like Komatsu, Caterpillar, Kobeco, Hitachi etc, we can provide optimum long reach boom solution according to buyer’s requirement.
  • high reach demolition boomHigh reach demolition attachment An ideal attachment to demolish high rise building, It is widely used in building demolition field because of its safety and high productivity. Camera system and dust-suppression system are provided upon buyer’s request, we also provide hydraulic shear, breaker and crusher etc tool.
  • excavator extension armExcavator extension stick When you have a digging job, you find out your excavator falls only 2-5m short, and the job is temporarily and not worthy to buy a super long reach boom arm , we offer extension stick, that can help you to extend working range on base of standard excavator, it can be connected and dis-connected to your excavator quickly like a bucket.
  • excavator long reach boom videoExcavator Long reach booms video that is 26m long reach boom arm on Kobelco 350 excavator to do foundation-digging job, 0.4M3 capacity bucket, 2ton counterweight, it can reach 19.5m underground.
  • excavator rock boom armExcavator Rock Boom Arm/Stick A new and high productivity equipment for rock and frozen soil breaking, shorter and heavy duty boom arm could generate strong digging force on teeth of ripper, it is much more efficient than standard boom arm with a ripper, it is good sale in china market, and ripper and arm integration is also available that's a more strong combination.
  • material handler boomMaterial Handler Boom Fitting excavators from 15 ton to 120 ton. dual arm ram design according to lifting weight and excavator tonnage, goose neck and streight stick end are optional, we also provide clamshell bucket and scrap grapple to work with.
  • rock grapple for excavator Rock Grapple Ideal attachment for material handling job in yard, forest, quarry, scrap etc job-site. anti-skidding bar furnished on inner side of claws. box structure claw highly increase tool lifetime. 360 degree swing and hydraulic type of grapple is optional.
  • marsh excavatorAmphibious Excavator Ideal equipments for marsh or swamp dredging work, especially swimming and dredging under 2m water, it can also work with long reach boom stick and dredging pump, poles used to fix amphibious excavator is optional
  • heavy duty demolition grappleDemolition Grapple It's a box structure grapple, that is for tough job, it can handle rock, scrap, demolition waste, etc irregular material, and much more high productivity than thumb bucket,
  • concrete pulverizerConcrete Pulverizer Big diameter hydraulic cylinder, high strength of steel and abrasion resistance steel for teeth, special attachment for concrete crushing and demolition job
   Our company established in 1998 and through years of efforts we have won good reputation in china and overseas market, we mainly design and manufacture excavator attachment such as

Long reach excavator booms, High reach demolition Boom, material handler boom, pile driven boom arm, and various of excavator bucket like tilt bucket, thumb bucket, and kinds of grapple, rock grapple, log grapple,

In order to make quality product we utilize professional processing equipment in every stage of product manufacturing process, such as digital cutting machine, beveling machine, reeling machine, and sand-blasting room. every product was welded by skilled welding worker, who use CO2 gas shield welding. we always treat quality is first and our wish is providing valuable product for every buyers