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VEC attachment

We located in beautiful city Yantai, ShanDong province,and our company established in 1998. we were specialized in making engineering machinery spear parts, our brand well known in china and all over the world. Our products service in South East Asia, Middle-East, Central Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and Oceania. clients reflected our product good quality and with long lifetime.

our Product is excavator attachment: long reach boom arm/stick, high reach demolition front, telescopic dipper arm, etc long reach front end, and all kind of bucket, grapple, hydraulic hammer etc attachment,

we have professional process equipment such as Digital Control Plasma Wire Cutting Machine that cuts steel plate various shape and cutting preciseness guaranteed, bevelling machine used to bevel steel plate edge for completely welding. In welding procedure,we adopt mature CO2 gas shielded arc welding technology, welder with at least 10-year experience. factory with Shot Blasting Room to clean welding sediments, rusting corrosion, peel-off paint, finally anti-acid painting utilized on our product

Our factory occupy 710418 square feet, until 2016, April, we have 150 workers , 35 of which is designer, 10 technician responsible for installation and commissioning in china customer side. others is welding technician, we passed ISO 9001 quality management system, and CE certificate.