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Excavator long reach boom arm


Excavator long reach boom arm is special-purpose attachment for deep and long distance digging in sand and gravel pits, slope forming, settling banks or cleaning ponds, drainage etc.


  1. Reinforced design for high stress areas on long boom stick after scientific FEA(Finite Element Analysis)
  2. All hydraulic pipelines and lubricating pipelines are after Pickling and phosphating process
  3. Inside of long boom arm with stiffeners for reinforcement that highly increase product lifetime
  4. Brass bushes for boom arm
  5. High quality cylinder, and hoses
  6. Mature steel processing & welding method
  7. offer a wide variety of attachment for option, such as mud bucket, tilt bucket etc.


Long reach booms are designed on base of lever principle and precise calculation and simulation by CAD software, all long reach boom product manufactured with professional digital cutting equipment to cut steel plate, and beveling edge before welding, matured CO2 protective welding, reinforced on hinge part, 2 layer painting


Excavator long boom arm structure

long reach boom arm

long reach excavator boom package

Working Range of long reach excavator Boom

long reach excavator arm drawing

Parameter of Excavator Long reach boom
Excavator Weight (ton)10-1620-2520-4525-4530-4030-55
Total Boom Arm Length(M/Feet)13M / 42.6''15.38M / 50.5''18M / 59''20M / 65.6''22M / 72.2''24M / 78.7''
Weight (ton)
Bucket Capacity (M3)
C Max.Digging Height (M / Feet)11.3M / 37.1''12.6M / 41.3''13.7M / 45''14.9M / 49''16M / 52.5''17.3M / 56.7''
A Max. Forward Reach (M / Feet)12.5M / 41''15.1M / 49.5''17.6M / 57.7''19.6M / 64.3''21.6M / 70''23.6M / 77.4''
B Max. Digging Depth(M / Feet)9M / 29.5''11.4M / 37.4''13M / 42.6''15M / 49.2''16.5M / 54.1''18M / 59''
D Overall Height (M)2.933.

Excavator long reach boom arm we produced for clients

cx330 18m long reach boom arm Two sets of CX330 18m long reach boom arm

cat390d 35m long reach boom arm CAT390D 35m long reach boom arm with rock grapple

18m long reach front for cat32418m long reach boom arm for CAT324

20m long reach boom for pc80020m long boom arm for PC800 excavator

ex350 excavator long reach front EX350 18m long reach boom arm front

13m long boom arm for zx130ZX130 13m long reach boom arm

15.8m long boom arm for cat32315.8m long reach boom arm for CAT323

19m long boom arm for PC400 excavator19m long boom arm for PC400 excavator

Volvo ec380 long reach front22m Long reach booms kit for EC380 excavator


Download PDF specification of excavator long reach boom arm

Installing long reach boom arm

Instrcution of Counterweight

Case of Long reach boom arm installed to excavator

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